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Name/Aliases: Mog Knight (Moguri, Ray, previously - Door Paradox, Paradoxus)

Timezone: Pacific

Ethnicity: Filipino-American (more American than Filipino)

Hobbies: Writing, music-making, cooking and recipe crafting, thinking and analyzing different media, creating art in general, learning new things, watching internet video content, vibing

Drinks of Choice: Water, UCC Coffee with Milk, Lipton Green Tea with Matcha, Bigelow Vanilla Chai Tea with Sweetened Coconut Condensed Milk, Any Good-tasting Fruit Juice

Favorite Boba Flavors: Hokkaido Cream Matcha, Matche Espresso Latte, Taro Milk Tea

Current Interests: Visual Novels, Graphic Novels (specifically AAPI ones), Fan Zines, Vocaloids, Rhythm Games, Fighting Games, Indie Games, Hololive/V-tubers, Genshin Impact, Smash Melee

Fighting Game Mains: Sheik (Melee), Toon Link/Zelda (Smash Ultimate), Peacock/Cerebella/Beowulf (Skullgirls), Ori and Sein, Absa (Rivals of Aether), Jenny Fox (Slap City), Oleander (Them's Fighting Herd), Ferry (Granblue Fantasy Versus), May/Bridget (Guilty Gear: Strive), Botan (Idol Showdown), mainly zoner types

Projects: Kupo Writes!(Review/Commentary Site on VNs, Games, and Animation), Kupo Talks! PodcastPodcast on Niche Stuff with my best bud, My AO3 Fics

Contacts: Email: manager@kupo.cafe , Twitter @MogKnight


Model Papa/Rig - Wur






OG Ref Sheet

Details: Mog Pom based on FF Tactics Advance Moogles, Glasses, Spiral Eye/Multiple Eye Ring Irises, Two Beauty Marks on the Left Side of Neck

Favorite Anime:

Top 10 Anime Movies:

Honorable Mentions: Ride Your Wave, Summer Wars, Garden of Words, Princess Mononoke, 5 Centimeters Per Second, Wolf Children

Favorite Visual Novels:

Favorite Video Games/Franchises:

Favorite Rhythm Games: