Kupo Writes! Game Awards 2023

Welcome to the splash page of the 4rd Annual Kupo Writes! Game Awards - where your hosts (Ray/Mog Knight and Andy) write about their yearly experiences in games, and more! Join us on December 28th through the 30th for a year of celebrating the games that really impacted us throughout 2023.

Day 0 - Kupo Talks! Episode 15 Game Awards Preview!

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Day 1 Awards

Day 2 Awards

Day 3 Awards

Day 4 Awards and GOTY *NEW*

And that's a wrap. See you next year, kupo~!!

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About the Kupo Writes! Game Awards

The game awards started as a kind of "counter" to the popular industry-based game award shows that mostly featured popular triple-A titles, lots of media of new releases and teasers, advertising every few minutes, celebrity guests both in the games industry and outside that have no real business of being there, and just a lot of filler in general.

I started my blog "Kupo Writes!" in 2014 as a way to write and talk about non-mainstream media, mostly in anime and visual novels. But even before that time, I've always been a longtime lover of games, a lot in the indie/narrative/weird and unique experience realm. I started these game awards kinda as a gag (inspired by Mega64's Todd and Aaron segments, Giantbomb's GOTY writing among other web publications, and the Keighleys among other game awards) but just stuck with them with the help of my friend who also is into unique game experience.

These game awards is just a silly way to celebrate how games have impacted us in our personal lives, to celebrate why we enjoy games in the first place. Games are truly a unique media that offer something that no other form of media can do. In the way we interact with games, they in turn become extensions of our emotions, our lives, and our selves. No matter what they say, I believe games are art. And it's a miracle games are made in the first place.

And with the words of one Vincent Caravella - "There has never been a better time to be playing video games". Though, my heart goes out to those affected by the many layoffs and other corporate mismanagements of this year.

But enough talk. Have at you!