Official Press Announcement from the Desk of Kupo! Brands Presented by UCC Canned Coffee with Milk (unofficial but always hopeful)

Mog Knight Indefinite Hiatus 8/13/23

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Thank you for your continued support for the Kupo! brand and the activties of mog Vtuber Mog Knight so far.

Management at the Kupo! brand would like to announce on August 13th, 2023 Mog Knight will be enter a deep sleep never to be seen again taking an official indefinite hiatus from all scheduled streaming activities due to other personal responsibilities coming up. There may be streams here and there, but it will be seldom and be on a whim. In the meantime, Mog Knight is still contractually obligated to maintain somewhat of an online presence to pay off his canned-coffee and steam-indie-games fueled debts, so he will not fully disappear. Please continue to support him in his other creative endeavors. It will make him happy.

Below is a letter from Mog Knight as he protested/practically begged us to be included in this very official and legal press statement:

Hello, kupo~!! Thank you so much to all who have supported me and this short summer season of Kupo Streams~!! Whether you followed, chatted in chat, put up with me and my antics, and especially those who just came to lurk or put me on another tab in the background - I love and appreciate you all from the bottom of my mog heart~.
I started streaming three years ago on a whim thanks to seeing my vtuber papa/one of my favorite artists opening up an opportunity for me to have an online identity. I was really bad at it with no real direction (still am to this day). But it was fun. It was fun learning OBS, it was fun learning about all this equipment and streaming things you have to do, it was fun designing bad graphics and broken things and learning how to fix them, it was fun interacting with chat, and most of all it was fun just trying my hand at something new even if I'm not great at it. Streaming gave me the chance to be... well, me again. It sounds weird, but I don't get to really express myself nowadays, and in a way where if feels like I matter to people just by being myself. I learned a lot this season of streaming, and I wish I had more time to keep on doing it. But, time keeps on marching on and I have so many other responsibilities that I think it would be best to put all this to the side. At least, for now. But rest assured, I will be back~. I want to say these words to you, the best quote of the MGS series: "Kept you waitin', huh?"
Anyways, I'll still be around online and posting content at my own pace. I not only want to keep working on my writing and my site, but also trying to be a presence in other communities (so long as they accept my weirdo self first). I would also like to really thank a specific person: Takahashi Amewa (@Amewa_Takahash). I was literally napping when I woke to a message from him asking if I wanted to do one of his collab parties for ukulele. Me being me, I was hesitant at first because I have never done a collab before and especially with so many people. But I drew up my courage and said "heck it, we ball". Taka took a chance on me with that opportunity, and it will always be my favorite memory of this summer. It allowed me to grow a bit more and just motivate me to keep on going. So, if you're reading this - thanks again Taka, many shout-outs to you, and to the new folks I met because of this event~. I'll do my best to keep supporting everyone too~!!
And with that, this is your digital mog desktop assistant signing off~. I wish upon you good tidings forever and for your strength in whatever to need to get through or achieve. And if you ever need help with anything, want to ask a question, or even just to say hi or want a little chat - come find me and I'll make time for you :) (within reason, of course)
Much love and stay frosty,
Mog Knight MogLove