Hello, kupo~!!

Leave In Summer, Yet You're In My Kupothoughts

This is a site created by Mog Knight, your friendly yet lonely moogle with a lot on his mind. Mog, sometimes a busy teacher, sometimes a streaming vtuber, but always a person who enjoys writing on this vast series of tubes we call the internet. No matter how good or bad, as long as it gets done (even eventually), he's happy.

Above are my various thoughts/blogs associated with this little corner of the internet.

  • About me - Stuff about my vtuber Avatar and self
  • Life Journal - Journal about more Personal Stuff
  • Thoughts and Musings - Some specific writings about media or events
  • Kupo Eats - Food blog and thoughts [under construction]
  • Kupo Project Graveyard - Some ideas that I had that are on hiatus or waiting for a resurrection [under construction]


Below are all my external links and social media on where you can find me.


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