Thoughts and Musings

The Graduation of Magni Dezmond and Vesper Noir

Another year, another vtuber graduation from someone I really admired. This year, you can consider a double whammy as it is Vesper Noir and Magni Dezmond from HolostarsEN. It's funny, two years ago on this very site I wrote about Coco Kiryu's graduation. One year ago I wrote about Sana Tsukumo's graduation. And now, today, we hear about not just one more, but two. I fell to my knees in the kitchen as I was making breakfast this morning. Their hiatus from activities was 7 weeks ago, and they skipped the TempestHQ one-year anniversary. In the pit of my heart at that time, I knew and a lot of us felt what was coming. But I remained optimistic, as did many others. Alas, decisions were made. And we have to respect their decisions, and I do sincerely wish both Ves and Magni the best.

As a side note, this does reflect on my personal rule - as much goodwill and good things they can muster, never trust a corporation.

There are so many moments and memories to reflect on, but I do want to keep these thoughts, at least, brief. I was already a fan of Hololive all the way back in 2019, and at the time I knew a bit about Holostars, but as an overseas fan and them being kind of a niche I never knew a lot about them. Fast forward to July of 2022 when all four boys debuted. And boy, were they electric. Because of them, Holostars was able to reach a new kind of popularity. They were already becoming more known, in part due to Roberu and SunTempo's memeability as well as all the other talents just making their mark and hanging in there, doing the things they love. But TempestEN just came in strong and helped propel the Holostars branch and ideas even more. The idea of not just male talents/vtubers/idols doing their thing, but also just showing off a kind of camaraderie and love to their genmates that you don't really get to see all that often. As the market for vtubing and streaming gets bigger and wider, what does set them apart is how they get along so well, like they were just made to be put into a room and make the best of what they want to make and do, all while supporting each other. If anything, COVER corp really does do the best in their recruitment.

I can say so much more, but I'll just leave it how TempestHQ and specifically Magni and Vesper changed my life for the better. I always love the idea of being in a guild - both in a fantasy setting way and just in a personal way. I used to be part of gaming guilds in my youth, and they were just a space that made me feel like I belong. Whether it be my Garry's Mod roleplay group [RR] or my Left 4 Dead buddies [WLZ] or just the TF2 Pub I hung out in day after day, there's power in being in a guild and wearing that guild tag.They all reminded me of a place of belonging, and even though all the guilds I partook in had long disbanded, there was comfort in being in this one.

Magni was just a really good entertainer, but was always honest in everything he did. He was a real charmer, and always just quick on his feet. Vesper, who I considered my kamioshi of the group, was just super interesting to listen to and him, too, wasn't afraid to be vulnerable at times. Unhinged, often insane, but always himself to the end. It also helps that he's a bit of an internet boomer and dork like me. Him, Magni, and the rest of Tempest all inspire me to unapologetically be myself.

They also reminded me how valuable having a friend group and having that camaraderie is. I am so glad to have a group of my own 4 that tries to meet every week online so we can just chill. I can rely on them to maybe play a few games of Melee, do a dumb stream collab idea, to have hearts to hearts, agree to play some hardcore mode of a game we played so much of and trying something new, or just to even try new things or new bits or whatever and just humor me despite it being dumb. I truly love the homies, as they stuck around even with me being my weird self for this long. Almost 10 years now, huh.

Anyways, that's all the gas I have left in this tank. Any more and I'll get real sad. I do wish them the best in their future, no matter where they go, no matter what they choose to do or be. They will always be huge inspirations what I want to do and be in this saturated streaming sphere that is vtubing. I want to be myself, my best self, and produce great things like them.

Even though they will be graduating, this won't be the end for them.

Thank you again so much, gentlemen. And as reminded by Vesper, never forget to kiss the homies good night. Big love and big ups to two of the GOATs.